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Ecay Design is a full-service interior design firm to offers one of the best interior designing services for buildings to our clients. For that proverbial soul, we have taken care of all the variables, including design, ergonomics, utility, and further extension of the constructive home design for future usage.

Our clients truly revere us and reward us with referrals and the best online reviews, comments, and ratings for our work. We can assure you that once you hire us for house designing service, we will make it impossible for you to work with any other company. All of our work is done by the most respected professionals in the industry.

Residential Interior Design

The finest thing that has ever occurred in the building sector is interior design. In fact, without the addition of beautiful décor, every residential building project today would be almost completed. To make a distinctive and timeless interior design statement, it is crucial to select the greatest home interior designer.

Our Interior designers are without a doubt the best choice for creating houses and residences. But when it comes to your house, it’s you that you want to satisfy.

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Residential Interior Design in California

A top-notch interior designer should be hired to complete the style of new custom residential and commercial interior design services in California. All of your architects’ and builders’ hard work will simply not be given the credit it deserves without coordinated furniture, lighting, art, and wall and floor coverings.

You could want a relaxed aesthetic for a beachfront property, a sophisticated feel for your mansion, or a royal vibe for your high-rise condo. The interior designers are the ones to contact regardless of the look you’re striving for.

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Commercial Interior Design

Designing business spaces is the focus of the interior design subfield known as commercial interior design. Interior design for residential spaces is quite typical, but it’s fresh and different to do for a business area. Every time we visit a store, a bar, a hotel, a restaurant, or any other commercial or public place. We get an impression of how it is planned, constructed, and suited to meet both our needs and those of the companies it represents.

Your commercial area should have more visual appeal thanks to commercial interior design in California. In reality, business interior design is growing in popularity these days. To ensure that their commercial space is more aesthetically pleasing, business owners hire a reputable commercial interior design firm. Interior design is increasingly important to the profitability of the company in light of all the other investments.

Restaurant & Hotel Interior Design

Few businesses in the food and beverage (F&B) market succeed in their interior design, even though restaurants, ice cream shops, cafés, and every other facility in the F&B industry compete with one another by utilizing location, pricing, and promotions. Most people are unaware of the impact that restaurant interior design has on patron psychology, which may influence how much or how little they order as well as how long they stay in the restaurant. The interior decor of a restaurant includes things like architecture, lighting, music, and seating options.

Building Design Firm in California

In hindsight, it may seem like the same thing but commercial building design services is astronomically different from residential. From the beginning, there is a stricter and more vigorous compliance structure in accordance with local city laws. Then, there is the basic need for a structure that is completely different from having four walls and a roof above your head that you proudly call home plans & home remodelers. Ecay Design provides excellent commercial building interior design and home improvement services to its clients in Van Nuys, Sherman Oaks, Hollywood, and Studio City.

We have a team of highly skilled and trained designers and builders to work out each and every detail of the design and feasibility before the actual work starts to take place. Whether you are planning to erect a mall, an industrial complex, or a warehouse, you can rely on one of the top constructive design companies in town.

Our services are highly customizable and tailored to the needs and specifications of our clients. This results in maximum satisfaction which is often expressed in the form of referrals and online feedback. On top of that, we are highly competitive when it comes to the pricing of our world-class services. We want to be the best in the market in terms of research and development, and also have great customer service. So, for a quick talk on what you want your commercial structure to look like, give us a call and set up a meeting at the earliest. We are eager to meet with you! (1)

About ECAY Design Building Services

ECAY Design Building Services is a family owned and operated building blueprints, facility, and property services provider in San Diego, California. We offer a wide range of services to keep your property in top condition, including remodelling, repair and maintenance, and construction. We have over years of experience, so you can be confident that we’ll get the job.

Our company has grown over the years by developing a reputation for quality workmanship and outstanding customer service. We’re now a leading provider in the space for industries ranging from office spaces and restaurants to hotels, banks, storefronts, universities, medical facilities, and more.

At ECAY Design Building Services, we specialize in giving our customers a personalized experience, ensuring that their needs always come first. We believe that this commitment to excellence is what sets us apart from all other competitors. With years of experience in delivering excellent results, we welcome you and look forward to serving you through any and all of our three divisions.

Our experience in designing and building residential and commercial properties in California means we can help you create a home that is tailored to your family’s lifestyle. Our integrated design + permitting process makes jobs easy to navigate in different areas Van Nuys CA, Sherman Oaks CA, Hollywood CA, Studio City CA, West Los Angeles CA, West Hollywood CA and Lake Balboa CA building codes and get the home you’ve always wanted.

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What's the latest interior design trend today?

Today’s interior design trend is all about mixing and matching different styles. Today’s interior design is not rigid as it used to be. It is in fact very versatile. It uses a lot of textures and materials in a very creative way and tries to get a unique look and feel. For example, you can mix and match different styles of furniture and plates, for example, an oriental rug on a wooden floor with a western couch in the middle of the room. Moreover, today’s interior design is all about bright colors, the sun, and eco-friendly materials.

What is the most important thing when it comes to interior design?

A lot of people think that the most important thing when it comes to interior design is color. In fact, color can make or break the atmosphere of a room. But the most important thing of all is the layout. Space plays a significant role in the whole interior design process. In fact, it plays the most significant role. A room with an irregular layout would look awful, no matter how well you decorate it. On the other hand, a room with an excellent layout would look great, even with the most basic decor. That’s the reason why the layout is the most important thing of all when it comes to interior design.

What makes commercial interior design different from residential interior design?

Commercial interior design involves the creation of workplaces by interior designers, which is why it is different from the interior designing of residential homes or apartments. Commercial interior design is focused on creating an environment that not only enhances the productivity of the employees but also boosts their morale. The best way to understand the difference is to compare the look of the two types of spaces. Commercial spaces are functional and provide a professional environment for the employees, whereas residential homes and apartments are more about creating a comfortable space for the inhabitants.

What do you think is the biggest problem when you design a commercial interior?

The biggest challenge when you design a commercial interior is to make people feel comfortable. Since you want to make money, it is important that people feel good after visiting your establishment. You want them to come again and feel comfortable referring others. So, think about how you can make your customers feel relaxed. If customers feel comfortable and happy, they will feel good while spending money in your store.

What are the steps to designing a building?

The first step to designing a building is to determine the purpose of the building. The purpose of the building includes the following; what is it to be used for, where will it be located, and how big it is going to be. The next step is to decide on a particular style; will you be designing in an existing style or one that is of your own creation. The next step is to draw the floor plan, this step will involve a rather good deal of research on the type of building that you are designing, where it is located and the clientèle that will be utilizing it. This step will also include any other structures that are to be built on the site as well as any special features that will be incorporated into the design of the building.


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They love us.

In the field of structural engineering, my job entails working off of building design plans. When working with ECAY design, I am always pleasantly surprised as to the quality of their plans. They are by far my favorite design firm in which I have relationship with.

Eilan A.

Incredible as always. This guys have excellent taste,modeling, texturing & rendering skills. The design fits in with what I would perceive as being Icelandic, the high wooden roof design and linear slatted interior elements and colours.

Jennifer H.

My experience with Alper is positive. While he does a good work, he brings a sweet and pleasant personality into the process, which makes it even more joyful to work with him. I've had hundreds of projects with him and I always got the product delivered in a good manner. The great thing about him is that he owns his team mistakes and fixed them right away with full honesty. I recommend him and his company for building design and drafting work.

Kobe M.

Ecay Design is as good as it gets! I consulted with Alper regarding a interior remodel and addition project. After working with a less experienced team, Alper and his team showed me a professional personalized experience. They are communicative and friendly. Would definitely recommend to a friend. Thanks!

Mike O.

We were immediately impressed with the range of ideas he suggested and two weeks later were completely stunned by the 3D sketches of a totally transformed house that was totally wow ! Throughout the restoration Matthew was flexible, helping us and the builder maximize the potential of the property. The end product is stunning and we couldn’t be happier with the Constructive Design and the quality of the build, none of which would have been achievable without the significant assistance given by Ecay

John S.

I have worked with Ecay Design on West Hollywood area and would recommend them to anyone wanting an building designer to design their project. This project was delivered on time and on budget in a very difficult building plot within

Mary T.

It has been a real pleasure to work with Ecay. I have been extremely happy with their professionalism, quality of work and creative ideas. They are very focused on getting the job done in a timely manner and is a great communicator. He also has innovated ways to keep the development costs down, which is greatly appreciated. I highly recommend Alper and his team, will continue to do business with Ecay on an ongoing basis.

Ugur M.

Alper is a great building designer. He works fast and met the deadlines promised to us getting the plans approved with the city. He has been very helpful throughout the process and patient to answer all of our questions. Highly recommend!!

Bill J.


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